Holidays are becoming an excuse…

Well since the last time I’ve been on a 2 week holiday to Portugal with my family and very nice it was too 🙂

Since I got back I’ve been making some real progress in my preparations:

  1. I bought a new rear wheel for my tourer from
  2. I’ve bought a pair of Gatorskins to replace my Schwalbe Marathon pluses because they are half the weight* of my current tyres and “run really well” according to reviews.
  3. I’ve booked the remainder of my holiday year in half day slots so I can get some serious weekly mileages in without impacting on the family too much. So it’s basically Tuesday and Thursday afternoon off and full day ride on the Sunday.
  4. I’ve booked 1st class rail travel Newcastle to Penzance on Cross Country trains for a bargain £58.50 thanks to a very nice lady in Newcastle Central Station booking office.
  5. I’ve booked my 1st night’s accommodation at Land’s End in a new hostel at a very reasonable rate – I’ll put a link to their website when the website is up and running.
  6. I’ve booked 2nd night’s accommodation at which is 5 mins walk outside Okehampton and a very nice looking house although I don’t like the sound of their address Upcott HILL!!!
  7. I had real concerns about my first day’s route which took in the A30 which I believe is a scary road to ride. Thanks to a reply on a touring forum from a Cornish cyclist he provided me with a safer albeit longer route. day 1 mileage has gone from 94 miles to 105 miles but still with the same amount of climbs  😦
  8. Day 3  I’m stopping at an ex-colleagues house in Bristol – Thanks to Chris Harvey for the kind offer.
  9. On Saturday 25th June I’m doing the 107 mile which I’ll be doing on my Madone.
  10. I’ve also made the decision that I may not get accommodation on the day as it’s August so as a last resort I’m taking a frind’s (John Bell) Hunka bivvy bag and may end up sleeping rough – I reiterate that this is after all other options have failed.
  11. My netbook which I’ll be taking a along to complete my blog enroute now has all the software installed that I’ll need so I can upload routes from my Garmin on a daily basis and and any photos I’ve taken during the day.
  12. I’m also experimenting with how little kit I can take to see if I can ditch my panniers and use a drybag (again borrowed from John Bell).
  13. I may also juggle mileages for some of the Scottish Days s I may have been a bit ambitious.
  14. Martin Thomas was going to join me for one of my days but has now gone and booked a holiday:-( Jed Woodhouse is still keen to join me on a day or 2.
  15. I have my ‘list’ of kit to take* which grows 😦
  16. Andrew Charlton created my new Blog header image – thanks again
How much easier would this have been if I’d been doing it supported??
* I appear to be weighing everything now and trying to shave as many grams as possible

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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