An app, a helmet, paper map and more hilly miles

Well, I’ve been looking for an app for my iphone that could update in a live’ish way but without absolutely hammering the battery life. Hopefully anyone that’s interested in my progress will be able to keep check once I publish the url.

I’ll be using my Garmin 800 to do all* my navigating having now gained the confidence with the unit.

The app that has answered my prayers is called followmee (£1.79 from the itunes store) I have it running all the time and it uploads my co-ords every 10 minutes onto a web based map and doesn’t drain the battery at all 🙂

I’ve also just taken delivery of the lightest (yes I’m still counting grams) helmet in the world – Limar, Pro 104 – Italian origin and difficult to locate a supplier so ended up buying over the net and taking the chance – impressed with it so far.

Finally some recent ride updates:

Elsdon loop in afternoon after work


100 miles, 8000ft climbing including back to back monster climbs

48 miles, 3,600ft climbing after work


More to be added soon

*I’ve just bought a road atlas which I’ve marked with the route highlighted just in case all else fails!!! Ill then cut out the bits of pages I need … thinking of those grams again 😉


About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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