The ups and downs of LeJog preparation…

Well, it had to happen, things were going swimmingly in training … until last week 😦

I’ve suffered with asthma all my life and it’s always just once a year with either dry air or hay fever triggering it off.

It’s time was last week so very little training last week boooo

Sorted with a anew inhaler I now seem to be over it (hopefully) and have been pushing the hilly training mileages again this week.

On the positive side I had my bike into KB Cycles for a full, final service prior to my ride and they replaced the head set, chain and cassette as well as tweaking everything else – rides like a dream now with no creaks or groans. Just need to replace the front wheel as the rim is quite worn – new wheel on order!!

I’ve asked for any volunteers to accompany me on any days as I always think it’s the head that gives way before the body which makes the task much more difficult going solo the full way. Through one of the forums I post to one such rider is doing LeJog the same time as me and offered to ride together from Bristol up to Carlisle, checkout Darren’s site at . He’s then heading more west than myself but it’ll be good to have company. I also have a colleague coming across to Carlisle to cycle Carlisle to Glasgow.

A few rides recently:


About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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3 Responses to The ups and downs of LeJog preparation…

  1. Ali says:

    Sorry to hear about your setback but pleased to hear you won’t let a little thing like asthma stop you!
    You will be fab!

  2. Martin says:

    sounds like you are racking up the miles Nigel. Good to hear you are feeling better and have a bit of company for a few of the stages. Would Carlisle to Glasgow be with Jedi?

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