Day Six – Gretna to Dumbarton 105 (grueling) miles and 3 punctures

Day started off well enough as Claire drove me and the bike down to the Gretna Gateway where I’d finished the night before. This time I was being met by Jed Woodhouse (from work) who was joining me for the day. We set away but within a couple of miles I had a rear puncture so we took it off, found the offending piece of wire, repaired the tube and pressed on as far as the outlaws caravan as I knew my track pump was there, We made the most by having a coffee and fruit cake :-) off we set again and soon Jed picked up a front wheel puncture which we dealt with before finally I picked up 3rd and last within the 1st 18 miles. This put us back massively. We decided to push on on the road that runs parallel to the M74 not pretty at all and a sign of road conditions to come – they were rubbish all day. I did bump into a Jogler (north to south), Chris who I’d been keeping in touch with daily. We hugged, took some photos and headed off our respective directions. Lunch was taken in a grotty cafe in a one-horse town (Abington – sorry if you live there) only because we had no other choice. On we pushed and I knew it was going to be a late finish :-( By the time we dropped down through Paisley you could tell we’d missed a downpour, later to be told it had been pouring, thunder, lightening and hailstones – it was one of those days!!!

We eventually arrived at our digs ( after 8pm after covering 105 (hard) miles. Off to the pub which was virtually next door for a deserved meal which was very reasonable and decent quality. The landlady offered to wash and dry my cycling gear which was a huge bonus – thanks.

Tomorrow will be shorter (90) but v.hilly as it goes past the ski stations on the way to Fort William.


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