Day Two – Okehampton to Bristol 108 miles – it was nearly my last

After a good nights kip I went down for pre arranged porridge – I even had Cornish clotted cream in it hmmm.

The weather looked nice and sunny so spirits were high as I set off for Bristol on what was supposed to be an easier (longer but less hilly) than yesterday. Soon after I left the fog came down really bad and took a good 15 miles to clear which is where I bumped into a cyclist looking bemused at maps – I asked him where he was going and he replied, “Scotland” – so this is Nick from west London (who doesn’t wear a helmet) who was doing Lejog over 14 days on his racing bike with his wife, brother being navigators/ baggage carriers, and his 9 year old daughter playing on her Nintendo dog game in the back of the car. I explained I wasn’t going over Cadbury Hills although my route was 5 miles longer – turns out he took the hillier option as he popped out behind me where our paths crossed again so he asked if he could get a tow, I didn’t mind so towed him along for 15 miles or so until we parted as I was stopping for lunch – he was finishing in Taunton so only had another 5 miles to go whereas I had 55. If you read this Nick I hope you’ve been successful. Just after Taunton I noticed a knock which I soon diagnosed as a bottom bracket problem – THIS WAS VERY SERIOUS and could spell the end to my attempt – I was gutted that the bike had let me down :-( I took it into they kindly agreed to look at it and in no time had replaced the failed part I owe them a huge thank you. So on I went to eventually reach Bristol (later than planned) to be hosted by Chris and Sue Harvey – we could’ve reminisced all night and nearly did :-)

Thanks for your hospitality guys, when Chris does Lejog he’s more than welcome to stop with us – ha ha – he was knackered cycling 1 mile to the station to meet me as I cycled in.

Tomorrow I’m meeting Darren Leen from Blackburn and I have a 113 mile trip as I have to cycle 18 miles to reach him and the weather forecast isn’t good.

Tonight isn’t an early night eeeeek


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