Day One – Lands End to Okehampton 106 tough miles

I always knew this day and the first half of the second were going to be the hardest of the trip.

So it was an early start to give me a fighting chance of finishing at a decent time, 6am rise and quick breakfast in a basket then head down to the tacky Lands End complex for a 7am start. I got down so early there wasn’t a soul around so I cheekily self timed a photo of myself in front of the sign :-) just before I left I bumped into 2 others who were about to start but I think they were supported and they were heading straight up the dangerous A30 which I wouldn’t advise anyone to use. So it was a 7-15 start and conditions a little cool to start but windless and the sun was to come out later. My route would take me along quiet alternatives to the A30 which makes the distance slightly longer but definitely safer. I was making good progress and had managed 60 miles by 11am so decided to take lunch in Wadebridge. I was under no illusion that the afternoon wasn’t going to be hilly and difficult. And so it turned out to be with hill after hill but leaving the sting in the tail until 95 miles when I didn’t have much left in the legs. But I pushed on knowing I only had 11 miles to complete. Eventually reaching my destination Upcott House on Upcott Hill (– great a 13% climb to end the day.

The B&B is well worth the climb set in it’s own grounds with great views (not surprising) and a bonus of being upgraded to a family room which includes a 4 poster and a balcony.

Dinner would be taken at the White Hart hotel which consisted Beef Lasagne followed by Apple Struddle and ice cream mmmm

Tomorrow will be a role reversal with all the hills in the first half – let’s hope the legs are fresh. In the second half I’m avoiding the climbs of Cadbury Hills (although I wouldn’t mind their chocolate) and then heading to Weston-super-Mare – wouldn’t it be great to have time to grab an ice cream (Eddie Izzards training technique) before heading east to Bristol to meet up and stay with an ex-colleague from Vaux days, Chris Harvey and his wife Sue. I guess we’ll have plenty of catching up to do.

So it’s off to bed for and early night.


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