Live Progress (within 10 minutes)

Thanks for using this feature – I hope you found it useful.

I have now removed the map as I’ve finished the adventure – I certainly do recommend this app though if you ever do something similar.

This map shows where I am (within the last 10 mins and where my trail has been for the past 24hrs – feel free to bookmark it and check on my progress!

Courtesy of followmee app on my Iphone *****

Why not checkout the weather I’m experiencing using The Met Office? keep praying for dry, windless days – thanks

PS I do have someone stopping at my house when I’m away 😉


5 Responses to Live Progress (within 10 minutes)

  1. derek says:

    looks good mate keep it up.

  2. Tony Mac says:

    Been tracking you all day Nigel………………………great progress!!!

  3. allan says:

    we keep having a look to see how you are doing, according to your map you
    are opposite elsdon at the moment, a bit to far to throw you a piece of gibbet cake?.
    good luck for the rest of your ride.

    allan and marion

  4. William Mackintosh says:

    Not far to go now. Keep going!

  5. allan says:

    well done nigel,we had every faith in you .
    see you soon.

    marion and allan.

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