It’s been a while – sorry :-(

Well due to a short family holiday and other commitments I don’t seem to have been getting the time I need to update my blog but here’s a couple of weeks in 1 entry, I hope you enjoy:

As said above I went away with the family for a few days to Ecclefechan (known as ‘the Fech’ locally) which is in SW Scotland – I think it’s like the Lake District but without the cars 🙂
I took my Trek Madone ( with me and planned a couple of cheeky rides but owing to bad weather on one of the days I did just the one but what a nice ride it was in perfect weather.

Ecclefechan, Langholm, Eskdale Muir, Lockerbie loop

During the ride I tagged along with a couple of roadies who were finishing their ride at Langholm. They explained I really should visit the Buddist retreat (Sammye Ling’s Buddist temple) and have lunch which I did and I must say it was a great shout even though it was a bit bizarre in the middle of Scotland.



Sammye Lings Buddist Retreat

Sammye Lings Buddist Retreat

Sammye Lings Buddist Retreat

Sammye Lings Buddist Retreat

My next ride of note (again on the Trek) was home to The cyclist cafe at Elsdon return.
Elsdon Cyclist Cafe return

Again great weather and quite a hilly course including the climb of the Winter’s Gibbet (Google it)

The Winters Gibbet

Cyclist Cafe - Elsdon


And I’ve saved the best to last:
One of my friends, Spike Reid was doing Lejog (also mainly solo) but was happy for people to join him on Legs so myself and my friend Jed Woodhouse caught the 6-30am train to York (bargain at £6-50) to accompany him on the 100 miles’ish to Newcastle. This time on my Dawes Ultra Galaxy Tourer.

York to Newcastle

I thought I’d better do some maintenance on my tourer the day before and realised I had a buckled back wheel so, as a temporary measure I backed off the brake so it wasn’t catching so in effect I had one brake. I also chose a very scenic but hilly route over the North York moors through Helmsley and dropping down into Stokesley achieving 47.6mph, with 1 brake but totally oblivious to a real problem I had (see below ‘the day after’).
The weather was fair but we had pesky North Easterlies (headwinds) which were strong in places. Anyway, it was a great ride with entertaining company. We stopped for a very sociable lunch at a cyclists cafe in Stokesley and we called in to Aunt-in-laws (Aunty Liz) in Stockton for coffee and cake – both of which helped to fuel us to our final destination the Angel of the North where we took obligatory photos and let Spike continue the last 5 miles over the bridges into Newcastle.
Spike’s now finished his trip. If you want to read Spikes Blog – it’s very entertaining.

Jed Woodhouse - Spike Reid - York Station

Whats that paper thing?


Weeeeeee stop

Apparently it's a veiwpoint

Lunch at Stokesly

Slime fixes the only puncture of the day

Spike with the Angel of the North

Who is Jed trying to kid?

The day after:
I decided I’d have a go at truing the wheel of my tourer only to find the rim had split in 7 places about the size of a postage stamp each – it doesn’t bear thinking baout if that had given way on the descent of the moors. WTB have kindly agreed to replace the rim without charge despite it being outside the warranty period – thanks WTB 🙂

Split rim

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